American Flag Snack Recipe



TasteeBQ Delivers Decorative, Delicious & Gluten Free BBQ!


Our superhero TasteeBQ was traversing Lake Hyperion, otherwise known as a (Los Angeles) street called Hyperion Ave. Though a normal Tuesday at 2:30pm, there were a sea of cars flowing in and out this place called “Trading Moe’s”. Suspecting it of being some illicit Pirate operation, our Hero decided to go in and investigate.

He soon encountered a multitude of friendly, healthy looking civilians. This “Trading Moe’s” place was packed to the gills with affordable fresh and alternative Foods. Many people are seeking a festive Holiday Recipe to declare their Independence from Gluten. So TasteeBQ decided to help with a Heroically Quick and Easy snack for the 4th of July.



Smokin’ 4 Ingredient Flag Snack for the 4th of July


1. Red- Sweet Potato/Beet Juice Chips separated from pack of Vegetable Root Chips (Gluten Free)
2. White- Butter, Lemon & Herb Popcorn (Gluten Free)
3. Blue- Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips (non-Gluten Free)
—- For Gluten Free substitute Blue Berries (fresh or dried). Also, Gluten Free Blue Corn Tortilla Chips are available at Lassen’s Natural Foods on Hillhurst Ave. (TasteeBQ calls it “Lasso’s on Mt. Hillhurst”. But that’s a different story…)

4. Delicious Gold Dust- “POWER” by California Gold BBQ Rubs (Gluten Free)

[Dish can be served as pictured, or smoked on low for 8-10 minutes]

Chip trioM


The Unusual Suspects



Trader Joe’s

Lassen’s Natural Foods and Vitamins


California Gold BBQ Rubs


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