Is Indiegogo a “No No?” My Journey Thus Far… or “A Beginner’s Adventures in Crowd Funding”

By Mick Brown



Oops I did it again… To recap, I am somewhat new to Blogging and am definitely a Freshman to the world of Crowd Funding and to Indiegogo.com. It could just be “the jitters”. However, completing the list of suggested Tasks to properly launch an Indiegogo Campaign is about as doable of making your video go Viral. Not to mention, my “day job” is getting a new product out for Memorial Day and preparing the Catering company for BBQ Season.

My jaws are so wide open, I can’t even bite. Let alone chew all of it. [A deconstructed recipe for “Biting off more than you can chew.”] With 2 Weeks in and 17 Days to go, here are the highlights of: 

“A Beginner’s Guide to Crowd Funding (on Indiegogo)”:

1. Software is Easy to Use- If you can do WordPress, the software is quickly usable to set up the Pages of your Indiegogo Campaign.

2. Launching is a Process. Don’t expect to press “Launch” and have the Campaign go Live. Be ready to spend some time to gather all of your Links, as well as Company Legal and Banking Info.

3. Fundraising. I object to “Fun” being in any part of the word. Somehow I missed the part where they suggest that you plan to raise (at least) the first 30% of your goal from “inner circle supporters” Again? As if I haven’t already asked my friends for enough . 

4. Don’t think “If you build it they will come”. Of course, this is in the Indiegogo material I studied after launching the campaign, to see how to give it a boost. Though, it was glanced at before, the info doesn’t “stick” until after you are in it. People aren’t out looking for Campaigns to support with open Check Books. [Or, at least I haven’t found them yet]. Be ready to Promote your Campaign everywhere.

5. Hired Guns? From the position of looking back at the starting line, I’d suggest before you launch a Campaign, seriously consider vetting and hiring a professional or firm to help with promotion. There are PR Firms and Marketing Companies that specialize in Crowd Funding. It is best to add them to your Goal $$ amount before launching the Campaign.

I am not saying doing Indiegogo was a mistake, but it would have been better with even more time to prepare. Maybe doing it in the Catering Off-Season would have worked smoother. Anyway, it is going OK for me so far. We were at just over 30% of our Goal last time I checked. I have also hired some professional help. So will let you know how it goes. Stay tuned, the Blog will be getting back to Food soon. Next Topic: Paella. Until then, Eat and Be Well.

Mick Brown is a Food Blogger/Purveyor based in Los Angeles, with over 30 years BBQ and Grilling experience. Aside from Catering, his passions are creating Easy Grilling Recipes and searching for the World’s Best Flavors. General Manager of Tastee BQ Grilling Co. and the new California Gold BBQ Rubs. He is also author of web serial blog “The Adventures of Tastee BQ.” Current Indiegogo Campaign is Get HEROIC! to the Gluten Free Expo- June 7th in Pasadena, CA.  Email- Mick@TasteeBQ.com



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