Snowy Days, and a Smoked Turkey Pot Pie

Our first Reblog ever. Hope to have more in the coming year. Ink and Embers smokes Cast Iron Turkey Pot Pie in the snow. Gotta love it.

Ink & Embers

Early risers were greeted with a Norman Rockwell type of scene. A fresh blanket of Mother Nature’s finest quality precipitation had arrived overnight. It was the type of snow that clung to everything and anything in its path. The type of snow that breeds snowmen. The kind of snow that sledders dream of.


Old friend stood tall, however, taking everything thrown at it, as if it knew that such harsh weather demands hearty food, perhaps grilled. And today, there would be no arguing that fact.


Gathering ingredients that can only be readily available after a recent fall holiday, the choice was made to prepare a piping hot, Turkey Pot Pie on the grill for our dinner.

The vessel of choice was a nine-inch cast iron skillet, of course. And the first task at hand was to press a bottom crust into this pan. Pot pies, as far as this griller…

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