How To BBQ A SuperFood Cocktail -TasteeBQ’s Recipe for “Smokin’ White Super Fruit Sangria”



Smokin’ White Super Fruit Sangria served Martini style

Got a couple of bottles of wine, some Fruit and Fresh Ginger? Get ready to take your party to the next level. Roll over Apple Martini- there’s a new kid in town. Our superhero TasteeBQ was recently invited to create a special Birthday Party Menu for gourmet Friends. With the help of “Three Pretty SuperGirls” Bartending Co., they concocted a fantastic drink called “Smokin’ White Super Fruit Sangria”.

This easy recipe is best prepared overnight. It can be made extra special by putting Apple Wedges on the BBQ for garnish, and adding a rim of a really Delicious BBQ Rub.

Drink may also be served in Wine Glass

Smokin’ White Super Fruit Sangria

First is the Easy Home Version, to be followed by the Bar Professional Recipe (furnished by Tres Jolie Mixology and Bartending- Los Angeles), for those with more extensive Bar Skills and Supples. For non alcoholic punch, use Ginger Beer and Lemon Lime Soda in place of Wine.

EASY HOME RECIPE (for one Pitcher)

Ingredients- (2) .750mls Pinot Grigio, (1) Granny Smith Apple, (1) Golden Delicious Apple, (1) Pear [D’ Anjou or one with firm texture], (1) Mango [Mexican Red/Yellow], (1)”Finger” Fresh Ginger [2 Tbls.], (1) Lemon, (1) Lime, (2) Cans Green Tea Ginger Ale and Fresh Basil for Garnish

Rim- 2 Tbls. POWER by California Gold BBQ Rub mixed with 2 Tbls. Brown or Raw Sugar—- No BBQ Rub? Substitute: 1/4 Cup Brown or Raw Sugar, 1 Tbl. Cinnamon, 1 Tbl. Cocoa Powder

-Reserving 1/2 of each Apple for Wedges, chop remaining Apple, Mango and Pear into 1/4 inch cubes. Add into Pitcher with 2 Tbl. rough minced Ginger. Section off Lemon to remove seeds, open Lime and squeeze both over fruit before adding to Pitcher. Pour in 2 bottles of Pinot Grigio, mix well and refrigerate overnight.

-Before party, cut reserved Apple halves into 1-1/2 inch wedges. If you have grill going, put them on for a few minutes to get nice grill marks. (Can also use indoor grill pan). Fold and water soak clean towel to wet glass rims, make circles with the BBQ Rub and press for even coat. Pour Sangria mixture over ice (optional), add shot of Green Tea Ginger Ale to each glass. May spoon in more fruit from bottom of pitcher for better flavor (plus Ginger tends to hang out down there). Garnish with sprig of fresh Basil.


Super and PowerFood contributors to Delicious White Sangria

-Furnished by Tres Jolie Mixology and Bartending- Los Angeles

Ingredients: (2) .750mls Pinot Grigio, (1) .750mls Musacatto, 8 oz. Triple Sec, 2/3 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice, (1) .750mls Dry Ginger Ale, (1) Cup Minced Fresh Ginger, (1) Cup Cubed Granny Smith Apples, (1) Cup Cubed Fuji Apples, (1) Cup Cubed Pears, (1) Cup Cubed Mango, Fresh Basil Leaves for garnish, Lime Juice

Rim- One part Sugar to one part California Gold BBQ Rub

Mix all ingredients EXCEPT Ginger Ale and Basil leaves together. Refrigerate for 24 hours. Next, rim glass with Lime Juice and Sugar/ BBQ Rub mix. Then fill glass with ice, pour 2/3 mix into glass and top with 1/3 Ginger Ale. Garnish with Basil Leaf.


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